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Art Display Walls

Exhibition walls will make a perfect combination with your display stands while representing your company at various trade shows, fairs, exhibitions and presentations. Also, it is possible to use Modu Exhibitions Art Display Stand in the course of your marketing moves, and the chances for a successful campaign will be increased immensely. Their original look will add a touch of stylish professionalism to the image of your organisation, and the exhibited production will become more visible, attractive and noticeable if placed on these plinths. Most probably your competitors are going to use old fashioned and boring shelves and desks, so why not avail of a chance to overshadow all of them? 

Beside their great look, exhibition plinths can benefit your activities at an exhibition in so many ways. For example, they are extremely lightweight, which means you do not have to put too much efforts in relocating them during a movable presentation or exhibition. Portability is a great advantage which heavy furniture simply cannot provide. You do not have to stick to one place if you feel that another one is more promising and rewarding. Also, the plinths are very easy to assemble, so you will not have to depend on a hired brigade of professionals, you will be able to set up everything yourself. Or you can entrust any employee of yours with this process: anybody can do this successfully in a few minutes. 

Exhibition plinths come in a variety of shapes, colour solutions and materials, so you are guaranteed to find an appropriate model which suits your brand image and the unique features of your products. The plinths have fabric wraps or graphic panels, you can choose either of them according to your exhibition needs. Also, the height of the plinths varies, and you can purchase a few of them of the same height, or a set of different ones, both variants are suitable for creating a nice aesthetic combination. Some of them are modular, so you can rearrange them and use different modifications suitable to the way each particular exhibition is arranged. 

As for the materials, the most popular art display hire are made of compressed wooden fibres or polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC. Also, acrylic plinths are usually on demand. Beautifully shaped and artistically designed, they can be used not only for trade shows, but also for florist shops, art galleries, book stores and even wedding ceremonies! To enhance the effect, you can opt for a plinth with a glittering light or flashing sparkles. 

Most of the plinths offer an option of flat pack, which simplifies a lot the process of transporting and requires a minimal space for storing the items. In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, exhibition plinths do very well as promotional instruments. Companies’ logos, promotional messages, contact information, mottoes, website coordinates and all kind of image designs and texts will look especially attractive on the surface of a neatly manufactured and exquisitely designed plinth. With a promotional unit like this, there is no chance that your company be forgotten or neglected, your logo design will be imprinted into the memory of your visitors and will lead to them recognising the innate worth of your company

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